This time of year

This is the worst time of year.  Winter, which began as a Christmassy celebration in December and became a blustry adventure in January, is just a drag now in March.  The snow on the ground is heavy and dirty.  Every day it melts a teeny, tiny bit more.  What’s the delay?  Why not melt all at once and give us some crocuses already?

And yet, it’s the best time of year.  March is like the Thursday night of the year.  The entire spring and summer are full of potential.  This summer, we say, this summer we’ll grow all our vegetables and we’ll go to the zoo and we’ll go camping like we always mean to.  I’ll get great abs by bathing suit season.  We’ll finish all the home improvement projects we meant to finish last summer.  Etc, etc.

This time of year, everything is on the way up.  Including the temperature.

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On Chocolate

I’ve been on a chocolate kick lately.  It began with a flour-less chocolate cake mix I got for Christmas.  I actually haven’t used the mix, but the idea of making a flour-less chocolate cake from scratch grew on me.  I sprang for $10 worth of unsweetened chocolate from Whole Foods, and, well, here you go.

I love to cook but, oddly, I’ve never made pudding.  But I decided to cut down on processed food, so I thought: why not try it from scratch?  It was really easy and wow, was it a hit.


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Groundhog Day Blizzard

To get Ike ready to go outside you must:

  1. Find mittens.
  2. Wrestle mittens onto toddler singing “thumb in the thumb place, fingers all together.”
  3. Accept that the thumb will not be in the thumb place.
  4. Find snow suit.
  5. Wrestle toddler into snow suit.
  6. Find boots.
  7. Wrestle toddler into boots.

To get Juno ready to go outside you must:

  1. Utter the word “outside” in any tone of voice, at any volume, even a whisper.

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The Snowman Cometh

A blizzard–a no-fooling actual blizzard–is headed for us.  We’re expecting a foot of snow, maybe more, beginning this afternoon.  The City Government already canceled trash pickup for tomorrow morning.

How I want to spend my snow day: romping in the snow with Ike and Juno, making maple syrup snow candy with Ike, baking bread.

How I will probably spend my snow day: trading off childcare with Steve, trudging to the bus stop, attending class, which can never, never be canceled or else Ohio State wins, or something.

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San Francisco

While we were in Nevada visiting Steve’s parents for Christmas, we had the chance to drive to San Francisco for two nights to visit good friends.

Ike liked everything about San Francisco.  Everything except getting stuck in traffic before we crossed the Bay Bridge.  It took me awhile to figure out why he was so mad: he thought we’d finished driving and had just left him in his car seat out of spite.  Outrage!

San Francisco really does have roads that bend up or down improbably, like something out of Inception.

I really loved Chinatown.  Unlike some ethnic neighborhoods that are little more than tourist attractions (Baltimore’s Little Italy, I’m looking at you!) Chinatown feels genuinely Chinese.

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Feeding the Ducks

Ducks are pretty freaking awesome.

Especially when your parents take you to feed them.

And they just keep coming and coming, swimming around, doing their duck thing.

If you’re lucky, they’ll come up right next to you.

Enjoy the bread, Mr. Duck!

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Happy New Year

This is nominally a photography blog, but I’d like to post my resolutions for 2011 in the hopes that having people know about them will keep me motivated.  I have just two resolutions:

1)  Make the most of living in Michigan.  In 2010 I didn’t really venture outside of Ann Arbor except to leave the state.  I went to Florida three times, but never made it to the Detroit Zoo.  I had a good reason: my sister was getting married in Florida (congrats, Julia and Matt), but this year I’d like to see a little more of the state I call home now.

2)  Be more ethical about the way I eat.  I read The Omnivore’s Dilemma over Christmas break and I’ve decided that I want to support local family farms, rather than factory farms, when I can.  I realize this won’t be easy, but I’m hoping that I can do it.  And hey, when I do I’ll be fulfilling #1 as well!

Besides my two big resolutions, I have a handful of goals.  Unlike the resolutions, I won’t be heartbroken if these don’t happen, but I’d like them to.

1)  Lose 10 pounds by Ike’s second birthday.  I gained weight after I quit breastfeeding.  Not cool, world.

2)  Finish painting the upstairs of the house.  Yellow for the kitchen, blue for the master bedroom.

3)  Hang 10 pictures on the walls.  We have almost no art hung.  10 is just an arbitrary number.

4)  Check out local thrift shops.

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