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Mother’s Day Kiss

The day before Mother’s Day, I was “reading” Ike Museum ABC. Really, there’s very little reading involved. I turn the pages and Ike gets excited (or not) about what’s on each page. His favorites are “C is for cat” and … Continue reading

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Closet Progress

Try as I did, I didn’t finish my closet reorganization by Friday.  I think that’s partly because I had/have farther to go than most people and partly because I work a desk job during the day.  Still, I’m pretty hopeful … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day Blizzard

To get Ike ready to go outside you must: Find mittens. Wrestle mittens onto toddler singing “thumb in the thumb place, fingers all together.” Accept that the thumb will not be in the thumb place. Find snow suit. Wrestle toddler … Continue reading

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The Snowman Cometh

A blizzard–a no-fooling actual blizzard–is headed for us.  We’re expecting a foot of snow, maybe more, beginning this afternoon.  The City Government already canceled trash pickup for tomorrow morning. How I want to spend my snow day: romping in the … Continue reading

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