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It’s official.  Spring is here. We’re setting the clocks forward and the first crocuses are up. So far I can see the very tips of the daffodils in front of the house starting to poke up.  Whether the daffodils I … Continue reading

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Something Colder

We had a heavy frost Thanksgiving morning, so I decided to snap a few shots of it.  Several lens changes and a ten frozen fingers later, this is the only shot of frost on our car that I actually like.  … Continue reading

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Winter Sunset

This week’s photo contest on I Didn’t Blink is sunsets.  I immediately thought of this picture I took about a week ago. Why are winter sunsets redder than summer sunsets? First, remember why sunsets are red to begin with: when … Continue reading

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Citrus in Technicolor

Citrus season is around the corner. Fall is apples and pumpkins; winter is for limes and lemons and oranges. An apple pie says, “Hunker down.”  A pumpkin pie says, “The cold wind doth blow and we shall have snow.” But … Continue reading

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Something Cold

Photographing birds at the bird feeder has proved more difficult than expected.  Our feeder is swarming with birds–until I go out to photograph them.  Then they stay away.  So instead, I took this picture of a bluejay sitting in our … Continue reading

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Nichols Arboretum

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