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Reviews and side-by-side comparisons of lenses

Pentax 18-55mm: Kit Lens Love

Kit lenses don’t get a lot of respect.  They don’t have the low light capability of fast primes.  The optical quality isn’t on par with more expensive lenses.  They’re not remarkably wide or remarkably long. But my kit lens has … Continue reading

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Pentax SMC-FA 28-70mm f/4.0

I got a new toy in the mail yesterday.  I’d been frustrated with my other zooms.  Their optics are good, but they all end or begin around 50mm.  50mm is one of my favorite focal lengths for family photography, so … Continue reading

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How I went prime

Unsurprisingly, my first lens was an 18-55mm f4-5.6 kit lens.  It’s fashionable to bash kit lenses, but I’ve been happy with mine.  However, I quickly learned what it would do well—snapshots in good light—and what it wouldn’t: everything else. I … Continue reading

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