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Photographs of my family, friends and pets

Ike’s Second Birthday

We started off with homemade waffles and pears canned by Grandma. Then Ike got to open his first present: one from Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa. He was pretty excited. We went to visit the Calder Dairy. Besides the obvious cows, they … Continue reading

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I want to go to IKEA

My closet re-org hit a road bump, and as with so many home decorating road bumps, it can be solved by going to IKEA. In brief: I want to use curtains as a closet door.  My closet is fairly wide, … Continue reading

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I donated my wedding dress

I donated my wedding dress.  As I write this, my wedding dress is making it’s way by snail mail to Brides Against Cancer. Was I sad to see it go?  A little, maybe.  But it’s a polyester David’s Bridal dress.  … Continue reading

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This time of year

This is the worst time of year.  Winter, which began as a Christmassy celebration in December and became a blustry adventure in January, is just a drag now in March.  The snow on the ground is heavy and dirty.  Every … Continue reading

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On Chocolate

I’ve been on a chocolate kick lately.  It began with a flour-less chocolate cake mix I got for Christmas.  I actually haven’t used the mix, but the idea of making a flour-less chocolate cake from scratch grew on me.  I … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day Blizzard

To get Ike ready to go outside you must: Find mittens. Wrestle mittens onto toddler singing “thumb in the thumb place, fingers all together.” Accept that the thumb will not be in the thumb place. Find snow suit. Wrestle toddler … Continue reading

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Feeding the Ducks

Ducks are pretty freaking awesome. Especially when your parents take you to feed them. And they just keep coming and coming, swimming around, doing their duck thing. If you’re lucky, they’ll come up right next to you. Enjoy the bread, … Continue reading

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