Mother’s Day Kiss

The day before Mother’s Day, I was “reading” Ike Museum ABC. Really, there’s very little reading involved. I turn the pages and Ike gets excited (or not) about what’s on each page. His favorites are “C is for cat” and “M is for monster” (rawr!). He’s also pretty partial to “W is for window,” probably because there’s a cat there, too.

We got to “K is for kiss.” “Kiss,” he said excitedly.

“Yes, that’s a mommy kissing a baby.” I pointed to a Marie Cassatt.

“Kiss!” I, of course, kissed him.

“Ike do you want to kiss me?” He did, but he doesn’t really know how to kiss anyone. Instead, he mashed his little toddler face against my check.

My mommy heart melted, and I kissed him again, then asked him if he wanted to try again. Solemnly, he put his hands on my cheeks, leaned in…

and bit my nose.


About Rachel

I'm a grad student in the physical sciences at the University of Michigan and mother of one.
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One Response to Mother’s Day Kiss

  1. K says:

    I love toddlers. They keep you on your toes.

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