Happy New Year

This is nominally a photography blog, but I’d like to post my resolutions for 2011 in the hopes that having people know about them will keep me motivated.  I have just two resolutions:

1)  Make the most of living in Michigan.  In 2010 I didn’t really venture outside of Ann Arbor except to leave the state.  I went to Florida three times, but never made it to the Detroit Zoo.  I had a good reason: my sister was getting married in Florida (congrats, Julia and Matt), but this year I’d like to see a little more of the state I call home now.

2)  Be more ethical about the way I eat.  I read The Omnivore’s Dilemma over Christmas break and I’ve decided that I want to support local family farms, rather than factory farms, when I can.  I realize this won’t be easy, but I’m hoping that I can do it.  And hey, when I do I’ll be fulfilling #1 as well!

Besides my two big resolutions, I have a handful of goals.  Unlike the resolutions, I won’t be heartbroken if these don’t happen, but I’d like them to.

1)  Lose 10 pounds by Ike’s second birthday.  I gained weight after I quit breastfeeding.  Not cool, world.

2)  Finish painting the upstairs of the house.  Yellow for the kitchen, blue for the master bedroom.

3)  Hang 10 pictures on the walls.  We have almost no art hung.  10 is just an arbitrary number.

4)  Check out local thrift shops.

About Rachel

I'm a grad student in the physical sciences at the University of Michigan and mother of one.
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1 Response to Happy New Year

  1. go up north…you will fall head over heels in love w/ MI!

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