Pentax 18-55mm: Kit Lens Love

Kit lenses don’t get a lot of respect.  They don’t have the low light capability of fast primes.  The optical quality isn’t on par with more expensive lenses.  They’re not remarkably wide or remarkably long.

But my kit lens has one serious advantage: it’s there.  Kit lenses are cheap, compact and lightweight.  And thus, I’ve taken the kit lens along when I’ve left my larger or more expensive lenses at home.

So, here are my favorite pictures taken with my kit lens.

Poppies in Anchorage, Alaska

Amsterdam at Night - 18mm f/3.5 1/6 sec

Boats in the harbor in Naxos, Greece - 21mm f/9.5

Topaz, my grandmother's tabby - 55mm f/5.6

Swiss Flag in Luzern - 35mm f/9.5

Prayer Stones in Everest Region, Nepal - 55mm f/11.0

Sunrise in the Annapurna Region, Nepal

Sunrise in the Annapurna Region, Nepal - 33mm f/8.0


About Rachel

I'm a grad student in the physical sciences at the University of Michigan and mother of one.
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2 Responses to Pentax 18-55mm: Kit Lens Love

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  2. Kirstin says:

    What gorgeous pictures!!!

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